Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving in Uruguay

Of course, Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Working at an American school, I am lucky enough to get a 4-day weekend, even though the holiday isn't celebrated here. Some friends suggested a weekend trip to Uruguay, and since I am always up for that type of thing, I decided to join them.

Disclaimer: Yes, the 2 friends I traveled with are guys. Great guys, even. But they are just friends. Just in case you were wondering.

So anyway, on Thursday morning, the 3 of us went to the airport and soon were on our way to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Not to put down Paraguay in any way (Paraguayans are a little sensitive about always being mixed up with Uruguay, plus they don't exactly get along due to some wars in the past)...but....I LOVED Uruguay. Everything about it was clean, modern, a little European...and expensive. But we had an amazing time.

Thursday: flight, cab ride to the hotel, afternoon on the rooftop with an ocean view and beverages, then we walked out for a dinner and evening drink.

Friday: I got up early and went on a run along the costanera--I woke up and it was 63 degrees so I couldn't pass up such great running weather!

After breakfast, we took a bus into the "Ciudad vieja" or old city. We walked around, Christmas shopped, did some sightseeing, had a huge lunch, walked about 100 miles back to our hotel playing the "let's have a drink at every bar we pass" game. It sounded really fun but we passed like 2 places in about 9 miles. Oh well. :) Then we rested up, went out to dinner late, and hit a bar that evening.

Saturday: we rented a car and drove up to Punta del Este, the chuchi area of Uruguay. We saw the hand in the sand, hung out on the beach, had an amazing lunch in town. Then we took a side trip on the drive back down to see another little beach town, and found a deserted beach to watch the sun go down before returning to Montevideo.

On Sunday, all to soon, it was time to head back. But not before the three of us looked at the website for the American School of Uruguay to see what kinds of openings they had....we liked it that much.