Sunday, April 26, 2009

First baseball game of the season!

So life has been REALLY busy lately. If you know me, that's nothing new, but it just seems to be getting crazier and crazier! It's the time of year where there are evening performances and activities at school, and I had a Saturday class yesterday, on top of fencing and Spanish classes. AND the Rockies have been on the road for almost all season (and the two weekend days they played were miserable and rainy). So, despite less-than-ideal weather, I decided I NEEDED to get to the game today-and I'm glad I did! For the record, ideal weather requires sunscreen!

It was a fun game, especially with the Rox' record thus far. They won! By a lot! They were up 9-0 at one point, and ended up winning 10-4! 8 of the 9 players scored, and the other one got a 3 RBIs, so hopefully this is a good confidence booster.

How lazy am I? I am using pictures from different baseball games. Actually I also forgot my camera...and have as many baseball game pictures as I need! But they are actually about the right view for where I sat, and show the weather at the beginning and end of the game, so it's all good!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Next trip: Guatemala!

My next trip is being planned! (Those of you who know me well won't be too surprised that I'm actually planning 3 international trips, but we'll stick with the soonest one here!)

I applied to and was accepted, to the Denver Justice and Peace Committee's Guatemala Education Delegation. This is basically a trip for educators, to see what is happening in Guatemala's education system, since the indigenous population was guaranteed a right to education in 1996. We are going to go to different schools in rural and urban areas of Guatemala and talk to the teachers and students, as well as learn more about Guatemala's history and the struggle they have had in educating their population in the midst of major conflicts. So, I am super excited about this!

That part of the trip is 10 days, and after that I am taking about 3 more weeks to travel, volunteer, and take Spanish classes. Guatemala has some of my favorite things, like several other locales I have visited in the last few years....volcanoes, ruins and fascinating history (Mayan this time, instead of Incan), lakes and oceans, and people who speak Spanish. :) Actually most of the indigenous populations speak their own languages, but Spanish is the common language they use. I haven't figured out all the details of where I'll be living/volunteering after the delegation ends, but I am looking forward to the trip! I leave on June 14...just over 2 months from today!

P.S. Photo stolen from Denver Justice & Peace Committee website. Until I get to take my own!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saguaro National Park

There are some funny-looking plants growing right outside of Tucson. On a non-game day I went on a hike (maybe just a walk, as there was no elevation gain required?) in Saguaro National Park. There were saguaros aplenty, along with plenty of other interesting cacti and flowers.

Spring Break-baseball time!

Okay I am FINALLY updating! :)

I got to Tucson early Sunday, and decided that even though I hadn't bought tickets, I'd go to the Rockies game! I met up with Amy & her family and soaked in the AZ sunshine! After the game I did some shopping and met up with my friend Becca-who lives in Boston, of all places, but was in Tucson for her grandmother's 85th birthday! Crazy, huh? We went out with a bunch of her cousins that night, and hung out the next morning before she had to fly back to freezing temps.

I went to another baseball game on Monday, and Thursday. (The Rockies won 2 of the 3 games! Woo Rockies!) I'm posting all of those pics together, because they all pretty much look the same.

My car, as Toni advised, backed in to avoid this problem.

Todd Helton is actually playing this year. So far!

A common sight before games: the teams warming up, while fans line up hoping for autographs.

Living the good life.