Sunday, April 26, 2009

First baseball game of the season!

So life has been REALLY busy lately. If you know me, that's nothing new, but it just seems to be getting crazier and crazier! It's the time of year where there are evening performances and activities at school, and I had a Saturday class yesterday, on top of fencing and Spanish classes. AND the Rockies have been on the road for almost all season (and the two weekend days they played were miserable and rainy). So, despite less-than-ideal weather, I decided I NEEDED to get to the game today-and I'm glad I did! For the record, ideal weather requires sunscreen!

It was a fun game, especially with the Rox' record thus far. They won! By a lot! They were up 9-0 at one point, and ended up winning 10-4! 8 of the 9 players scored, and the other one got a 3 RBIs, so hopefully this is a good confidence booster.

How lazy am I? I am using pictures from different baseball games. Actually I also forgot my camera...and have as many baseball game pictures as I need! But they are actually about the right view for where I sat, and show the weather at the beginning and end of the game, so it's all good!

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