Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paraguay...Settling in

I think the hardest thing about this move is that I'm trying to do 3 really hard things at the same time. 1. Adjust to a whole new country, including the language. 2. Find a place to live, furnish said place, and move in, and 3. Change jobs and get a new classroom all set up for the school year.

All in the span of about 2 weeks.

It's all really exciting but very stressful too. For starters, even when I moved into my first apartment, I had SOME stuff. Here I am buying absolutely everything you need to furnish a place, which unfortunately here also includes a stove and fridge. So because of that I'm still staying in the hotel, but should be moved out in the next day or two. Also the hotel does my laundry, and I kind of hate doing laundry, so why leave?

Last week I spent *very* little time in my classroom because I was so busy looking for a place. This week I'm pretty busy getting settled in my class...I mean it's Wednesday night and school starts Monday, yikes! I'm also returning to the classroom after 5 years of teaching ESL in Colorado. But I have this amazing thing in my classroom. An aide. A full time instructional aide. It is glorious and she has been SO much help in getting the classroom set up and answering my thousand questions about all the little things. So I'm pretty sure I just might pull this off. :)

Oh yeah, I forgot the fourth, and maybe biggest adjustment. IT'S WINTER!!! WAAAAAH! And not just that, it's like the coldest winter ever, or something like that. Boo hoo! But the forecast is definitely looking up.

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