Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paraguay, my new place!!!

When I first got here, there were some initial things that had to be figured out as far as housing. The teachers already here were already established in their places (or had done "dibs" on a place of someone leaving!) so we new teachers had to figure things out. Who would live alone? Who would have roommates? Who would the roommates be? Anyway I was kind of undecided on whether I'd rather live alone or with others, but it worked out better to get my own place. And I couldn't be happier with it! It is within walking distance of the school, but there's also a bus line a couple blocks away that stops RIGHT in front of the school (for those rainy or extra hot days). Here are some pictures and explanations!

Also, so it's not just a repeat of what I post on Facebook, here's the story of getting my keys and meeting my landlord. Yesterday, when I closed on the place, I signed a contract and handed over a bunch of money and got the address to get keys from...that was pretty much it. So this morning I walked over (it's only a few blocks from the hotel) and found the address and rang the bell. The cutest little old man came out. "Senor Florentin?" "Si!" and from there I introduced myself. He showed me the house, speaking in Spanish all the while. For the most part, I couldn't really understand him but could figure it out from the context. If he is opening the door and gesturing to the patio, I figured he was saying something like, "This is how you open the door. See, you have a patio." We went through the house in this manner, switching fans and lights on and off, running water, and the like. He gave me a bunch of keys. Why so many keys? I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Then we walked back to his house, next door, because I'd asked him to write down the address for me so I could start ordering appliances and furniture. Very important side note: Houses and apartments in Paraguay do NOT come with stoves, fridges, or much of any appliance except hopefully A/C. If it doesn't have A/C you don't live there. Anyway we went to his house and I met his wife or daughter? He was much older, in fact, they told me, he is 81! So they ask me to come sit in the living room and the lady speaks Spanish to me. The slowest, clearest Spanish I have heard here, she must have some strategies for working with language learners. ;) So mostly she talked and I tried to answer. Then she showed me her kitchen, explained something about the appliances. I think she talked about a maid...then I got totally lost and couldn't understand any more and she could tell "una otra dia" she declared. So I went back to the place, took pictures, and started a major shopping spree that ended with me ordering a bed, a stove, a fridge, a washing machine, and a microwave. All in a day's work, I guess. I have the very basic necessities--or I will, when they are delivered Monday--but the rest will take some time.

Except for a coffee pot. I am not moving into that place without a coffee pot!

So my place is basically the orange paint. You go in the door in the middle. My garage is to the left. You go up the stairs to get to the apartment. 

At the top of the stairs to the left: a living room area (would be lighter if it wasn't cold and drizzly so I could open doors and windows!)
On the opposite side of the living room from the main door, there is a short hallway with 3 doors.

To the left is my bedroom.

It has these built in closets, conveniently

and the doors open up to a little patio thing.

Straight ahead is the bathroom, complete with 1970's avocado green fixtures!

And to the right is another bedroom identical to the first. It's sideways and I'm too lazy to fix it. The window looks into the laundry area.

Here and below you have the kitchen. May not look like much but is one of the nicest, biggest kitchens in all the places I looked at. I'm sure it will look even better with a stove and refrigerator!

Here was a huge selling point for me. When you come up the stairs, directly over the garage, it this big outdoor terraza area. Lots of room for outdoor eating, entertaining, maybe a container garden...

Laundry room with a built in quincho, or grill. Pretty much every house/apartment in PY has one. 

And if you go up the ladder in the laundry room, you come upon....

Bonus terraza!

Just don't have too many beers on the bonus terraza, this is what you face to get down!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing your place. Thanks for sharing and for the extra information. What is the thing next to the toilet?


Deb Lindahl said...

Linnea! Welcome to your new home! Looks roomy and nice. May it be a wonderful place for you as you set out for a new experience- can't wait to see and read all about it!

Linnea said...

Randee, all the bathrooms here have bidets. Can't tell you much more than that. :)

Thanks, Deb! I'll try to do better keeping up with my blog!