Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mount Galbraith hike

Last Monday I went for a hike in a park called Mt. Galbraith, right outside of Golden. The views were phenomenal! As you hike up you get views of Golden and even downtown Denver! Then you hike around the whole mountain, with views of Lookout Mountain and then even some of snow-covered Mount Evans (I think) to the west!

Although it wasn't terribly long or steep (which I need for my Inca Trail training), it was beautiful. Above is a view of Golden, North and South Table Mountain, and if you enlarge, you might see downtown near the middle beyond the mesa on the right. Below, the snow-covered mountains to the west, and a HUGE butterfly I saw! To give you an idea, I took the picture from about 8-10 feet away and zoomed in on it. I am lucky to live in Colorado; this hike was only about a 20 minute drive from where I live!


The Lindahl News said...

Gorgeous! Your Grandpa N. would be so proud of the hiker you've become and the fact that you are choosing to live in Colrado and take advantage of the mountains!!

That butterfly should be a phot one could purchase!!! You are quite the photographer!

cellothug said...


I didn't do anything for the just sat there so I stayed where I was and zoomed in, then just cropped out some of the dirt around it when I got home. One of these days I'll order prints and do some scrapbook stuff...shall I order you a copy?

The Lindahl News said...

Yes, Please!!