Friday, June 29, 2007

Q'eswachaka Inca Bridge

Q'eswachaka bridge. Q'eswachaka bridge. Q'eswachaka bridge.

No matter how many times I read it and say it, I can{t remember it! Maybe after I see it, and walk on it, it will stick?

I went down to the travel agency this morning to pay and the woman there showed me pictures and gave me a bit of a history lesson. I guess the bridge was originally built in the 15th century, and it is rebuilt every year. Luckily, it is rebuilt every June so it should be in good shape. Still looks a little terrifying (and I thought parasailing was relaxing). It is at 11,811 feet, which I think is the highest I{ve been here, but it's hard to tell when things are in meters. We are also going to the famous 4 lakes of cusco and natural cave of caraƱahui, according to my fact sheet, so it should be a great day trip!

Here are a few links with pix, I{m not sure if I{ll get mine up tomorrow night or not.

Today being my last day of class, I decided not to go and played hooky. I could rationalize it by saying I used my Spanish shopping in town instead. I went into lots of shops and saw some things I liked, but didn{t end up buying anything. It is so high pressure here-not much of a chance to just window shop. Oh, well... I suppose I{d better pack up. Since we leave at 5am tomorrow, the hotel I{m staying at tomorrow night said I could leave my bags there tonight and get them when I check in tomorrow. Hasta luego!

(Q'eswachaka, Q'eswachaka.....)

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