Thursday, February 22, 2007

The record goes down...and I need to stop blogging about weather!

Okay, for those of you following it....the old record of 63 consecutive days of snow cover....still stands. We fell 2 days short with 61 days. Then we got some lovely Colorado-style February weather with several days in the 60s this week! Woohoo! And then, of course, snow this weekend. And now: I will try not to blog about the weather anymore, because I think that's all I've been doing!

Unfortunately, I think it is because I have been too busy to do much of interest to anyone else lately. Work, class, homework, grading, report cards. See, where's the fun in that? Things are busy as always with report cards and 2 class assignments due this week, and parent-teacher conferences 2 days next week but behold! There is fun on the horizon! After conferences next week, I have a 3-day weekend and Toni and I are going to Vegas with his cousin and cousin's wife! So that will be a very welcome break! I don't really know what we're doing as they are planning everything but sounds like we'll be VERY busy while there! They have never been to Las Vegas and want to see everything. In case I don't get back to update until then (quite likely), I will definitely do so after we get back!

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The Lindahl News said...

Yippee! Colorado warming is good news. You have been through TOO much. Have fun on your Vegas getaway. Wes and I were there for a (seriously!) Non-Profit conference a couple of years ago.
I loved going around to see all the over-the-top hotels with their various themes. The white tigers and dolphins were my favorites at the Mirage. However, I wasn't a fan of the gambling part when I thought about how all that $$$ could feed the homeless all over the world. Oh, each her (his) own!