Friday, November 23, 2007

First pie!

So, I was on dessert duty this year. Several guests, including our hostess, aren't into pumpkin pie, so first, I bought a cheesecake plate. Then there was the pie. Do I buy one or make one? Does it count to buy a crust and pour a can of pie mix in? Does the can have a recipe on the back?

Clearly, I needed some help. I decided to consult my mom. However, with her being a wonderful cook, I had to lay down some ground rules. Mainly, I was not making a crust. I was also buying a can of whipped cream instead of making my own. She did give me my grandma (her mom's) recipe, and some tips, and also she reminded me to buy a pie pan, which she suspected I did not own. So, off I went to the store to buy the necessary ingredients, and, yes, pan. (Also, as a precautionary measure, and sister of 2 voracious 20-something brothers, a backup pie.)

Thursday morning, I started cooking. With the crust made, it was pretty easy, and wasn't long until my house started smelling GREAT! Proud of my creation, I was off to my cousin Andrew's for the big feast. It was a great success! No disaster struck, so the backup pie was not necessary, and Peter happily took it home with him. SUCCESS!

Now, given that the dough for the crust came in a 2-pack, I am considering signing up for "dessert" for my staff Christmas party!

(Also, any minute now, I am going to go clean off the top of my stove!)


The Lindahl News said...

Congrats on your first...and SUCCESSFUL first at that!

Just think of the pies that await you: apple, raspberry, cherry and then those exotic types like lemon meringue, French silk,and banana creme. Endless possibilities!

cellothug said...

I was talking all about my pie-to-be the night before, then Toni came and saw the backup store-bought pie. He looked at it suspiciously, saying, "this doesn't look homemade to me!" :)