Monday, April 14, 2008

Family reunion

After this somber occasion, we headed to Maggiano's for an Italian feast, and a family reunion like none of us has seen in many years. It was possibly the first time that all 10 of us cousins have been together since 1991. I met a couple of my new second cousins, too. My grandma would have loved that we were all together.

spouses, kids, and my boyfriend, myHere are the most traditional and expected photos: the 10 cousins (I was dismayed that I have become the shortest, being the 3rd, I used to be up there! Drat!). The whole family along with dad and his sister, and Andrew & Timi playing with the newest baby, Ingrid-practicing for their own little one due in only a month!

Then the other pictures...Aunt Deb brought out Grandma's jewelery for the granddaughters to go through and pick out some pieces. Oh, and of course, there was the hokey pokey with Deb and her great niece and nephew, the adorable Calvin and Ava. (For the most part, Ava was a dedicated participant, while Calvin watched them and laughed and laughed)

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The Lindahl News said...

You snapped some fun pictures on this entry. I am so grateful for this family time to remember Mom and get to see the Colorado family.
Let's not let so much time pass between visits...come to Chicago this summer?