Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So what's new? Not much.

I know, I need a new post. Seriously, though, not only does work keep me pretty darn busy, it also stops me from doing neat things worth posting about, like going to other countries. I haven't taken a picture in months. And now it has gone and gotten me sick! Therefore, the latest can be boiled down to bullets:
  • Okay, I'm very excited about the election. At last check this morning, Colorado was light blue instead of red or purple! But there are a lot of writers out there much better at writing about politics than I am, so for today, I'll leave 'em to it.
  • That horrible back pain I was suffering from (though don't believe I mentioned on my blog) for about a month following my birthday? Completely gone. Thank goodness!
  • Fencing is great, but I missed Monday due to this cold. Grrr. The jury's still out about going tonight. My instructor thinks I'm almost ready to start fencing in tournaments....hmmm.
  • Fall is finally coming in's a little chillier at night and the leaves are pretty. Bittersweet, since I *really* don't like winter, but at least I won't have allergies any more once the snow starts falling!
  • New job = fantastic. Way less stress than classroom teacher, and less take-home work too...but best of all, I'm crazy about all these little ESL guys! They don't speak English so they don't talk back! ;) No, kidding aside, it's neat to see how fast they learn...although Toni gives me a weird look when I say, "Guess what! So-and-so raised his hand to comment on a book today!!!!" Small victories. Only downsides thus far: being in so many classrooms a day undoubtedly contributed to catching this cold, and parent-teacher conferences are going to be a nightmare...I'm double and triple booked most of the evening times!
  • I'm doing some research about going to Guatemala next summer. From what I can tell, it's beautiful, cheap, and a great place to work on Spanish (which, with the new job, seems ever more important to get a better handle on). Oh yeah, and they have active volcanoes. You know me and active volcanoes. :)

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The Lindahl News said...

Love the new look of your blog...zippy!

So sorry you have not been feeling well, that you are not country-hopping.

But, happy to hear you are liking your new postion at school!

Guatemala sounds good.