Friday, February 27, 2009

Mountaintop Matrimony

Okay, I've been back from Mexico for over a month, time to come to terms with that!

A couple of weekends ago, Toni and I went to quite a unique wedding! It was held on the mountain at Loveland ski area-along with a few dozen other couples! It was also the most casually dressed we have been for a wedding (think: snow pants) and definitely COLD! Here are some pics.


The Lindahl News said...

In all honesty, I admit to relief that neither Anne nor John have chosen this as an option!

We hope you will be able to join us on August 7th in Omaha, Nebraska when John and Kari tie the knot!!!

Timi + Andrew said...

Wow! I never heard of such a wedding before! They must be true Coloradoans ;)

Timi + Andrew said...

Do you have any pics from last time you were at our house? Could you please email them to us? thanks!