Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Next Stop: IKEA!

When I wasn't able to secure "away" game tickets in Goodyear, Arizona, I found an alternative, one that could take up nearly as much time as a full game: IKEA! We don't have any closer than Salt Lake City, so this is a pretty exciting adventure.

Did I really think I needed to write directions to this place?? It is right on the interstate, and well, large. Anywhere you are handed a map upon entry, and still manage to get lost is not a small place! I was disappointed and relieved that my car was pretty full and also, a Corolla. Otherwise, who knows what I would have come home with? I especially liked looking at the designer rooms, and how this black box thing was mounted on a wall as an instant bar-pretty snazzy! Especially with the lighting installed below it. I also liked some smaller kitchen shelving, which would have fit in my car, but knew I would never find my way back to them once I retrieved a cart-so it was just a day for browsing. We get our very own IKEA in Denver in summer, 2011-and it is already the talk of the town! Until then, I guess I'd just better start saving my money!

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The Lindahl News said...

We were at that very same IKEA a little over a year ago!