Thursday, October 10, 2013

Iguazu Falls Part 3

On Sunday morning, we agreed to get to the falls reasonably early, make a morning of hiking, grab lunch in town, and hit the road to head back to Paraguay. That is what we did. Instead of viewing the falls from above, we went on a great hike to see the falls from below. It was incredibly beautiful. And wet. And we saw MONKEYS! By the time we got to the destination at the base of the falls, the light "pelo de gato" mist had turned into an all-out downpour. I was so glad I bought a mad scientist poncho! The funny thing is, normally that would've ruined a day of hiking and sightseeing. But I was just so in awe of everything, and in such a great mood, that I felt nothing could ruin it.

Consider yourself warned.

This was just a lame, puny falls in comparison  to what we'd see later.

And this is where my jaw dropped.

Kristi, Molly, and Ali are being troopers. Somewhere along this trip,
having a waterproof camera became really important.

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