Monday, December 22, 2014

Colombia: Playa Blanca

Although Colombia is famous for its beaches, the beaches right around Cartagena are nothing special. I had heard that Playa Blanca was a great day trip or getaway, though so Beau and I went to check it out. After waiting a million hours in the blazing sun we were off on a boat. Some people did a longer boat tour to many places, but we got off at Playa Blanca right away instead.

Getting a place to stay was no problem. You can just walk along the beach asking for prices and to see the accommodations. After checking out a few, we picked this little hut. Here's the view.

The main activities here are: sitting/lying/reading on the beach, walking along the beach, getting fancy drinks on the beach, and eating and sleeping. There were people going on Jet-ski rides and riding on inflatable things behind boats, and our little hut guy would have loaned us a kayak as well. That's pretty much it! We had a great time, but were pretty glad we only opted to stay one night instead of two.

This guy has a wheelbarrow of all you need for a fancy beachy drink, right out of a coconut!

The sunset was fantastic.

 The next day we had a (wild) boat ride back into Cartagena. Here's a view of the city skyline from the wate.r

Insider Tips:
  • No need to book lodging ahead. DO look at each place, as they can vary a bit. You can stay in a cabana, camp, or sleep in a hammock.
  • Might as well buy your boat ride out a day in advance. The hotel guys can usually arrange your boat back, but ours didn't show up and he basically sent us to join another boat. Luckily it all worked out in the end.
  • I'd be hard pressed to spend more than 24 hours here, but to each his own! Bring more than one book!

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