Wednesday, July 12, 2006

getting ready to head home...

First of all I want to paste in something that Danielle wrote about her travels in Argentina (and pretty much all of South America):

As one girl said, in the life
of traveling a day can be a week, I mean honestly you
are thrown into living together and often it works out
that you do absoluetly everything toghether until you
say goodbye, which is a bit strange, it is like making
excellent friends and then turning around after you
say goodbye and never knowing if you´ll speak to each
other again, a sad but wonderful experience, you take
a little piece of each person with you!!! Ok enough of
my sentimental stuff, maybe it´s the wine talking or
the sappy eighty music.

See, she has the same punctuation problem I do, but I think she summed up how quickly you get to know people, especially traveling solo. It{s great but strange too. Thanks Danielle for the quote! :)

Plans for my last full day at the beach...the boat ride I wanted to go on is full but I{m going to go anyway in case there were cancellations because it{s a sunset cruise with snorkeling and free booze! Haha. Well you have to pay to go on it so free is relative. Remember, mom, the more you drink the cheaper it is. I don{t know if that{ll work out or not, if not I{ll head to Playa Conchal and go snorkeling there. Definitely need to get one last ocean sunset in...I sort of did last night but right when things were getting pretty it started raining and blocked the sun, so maybe tonight will be better!

Oh one of the things about Costa Rica is that it{s the simple things...I cannot even tell you how thrilled I was that my hotel in Rincon de la Vieja had HOT WATER!!!! I hadn{t had a hot shower in 2 weeks, then had I think 4 within 36 hours. :) Such a luxury! Although I{m not sure I{ll ever be totally ready to leave, I do want to sleep in my own bed and at some point not have everything I own coated in sand...and my legs look like I have chicken pox from all the bug bites! Still, as the boat guy who did my parasailing tour said, "it{s not paradise, but it{s the closest thing I{ve found"...and all I thought was, what? It{s not paradise? Why not????

Anyway I think it{s high time I head to the beach! The sun comes up at 5:20 here and sets at 6 so I{ve been going to bed and waking up super early. 4am today. Also yesterday I was using my camera to take a video of the beach, and I actually said in all seriousness that it had cooled off to 95 degrees. Scary, huh?

Anyway I am looking forward to seeing many of you. For those of you farther away, check in for pictures this weekend. I have TRIED to attach them but unless my hotel gets its wireless up it just isn{t going to happen here! Did I mention in a previous blog I had a poker dream 2 nights ago? So maybe I am getting ready to come home, after all...see you soon!

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