Friday, July 07, 2006

Parasailing adventures!

Hey all! I am now DONE with my 4 weeks of Spanish classes and have 1 week to travel. First, important parental stuff: Mom tomorrow I am going to Rincon de la Vieja National Park. It has stuff like an active volcano, boiling mudpots, and hot springs. I'll be staying with a girlfriend in Hotel Boyeros, phone number 666/0995 if you really need me. Country code for CR is 506. Then 2 nights (probably) on my own in the same park in a place called the Rinconcito Lodge, 666/2764. Then I'll be heading back to the beach, I think Playa Braselito, don't know hwere I'll be staying yet but they have email there. Thursday will head down to San Jose to catch my flight on Friday.

Now that that's taken care of, I JUST GOT BACK FROM PARASAILING! It was totally amazing, i have pictures, of course they are trapped in my camera. The trip was led by a really nice guy who moved here from NY (assured me he's a coast guard and that he put the engine in the boat himself, etc). It was absolutely gorgeous just looking out at the beaches and islands and stuff. Very cool and a beautiful day for a boat ride. Also the other people that signed up didn't show so it was a private tour. I feel even more lucky because I'd been on land for a few minutes before it started to rain...a rather torrential downpour (really, patrick!). Now I'm in a bar with a computer. I swear they've thought of everything here! Makes me want to sell my townhome and buy a little boat here! I try not to think about coming home in a week; way too depressing. I really can't believe I've been gone for 4 weeks already!

It's been a fun week, I've been hanging out with some neat people, Mary from Denver (of all places) and Aarti from Toronto, she's the one I'm traveling with this weekend. It's such a small town you're always running into people. We met the same people, a family from Philly with 4 kids, in 2 different restauratns 2 nights in a row. Also I am happy to announce I survived Ladies Night without injuries this week, though my ankle still really hurts. Argh! This volcano is active but you're allowed to climb it and look in the crater and stuff so hopefully I can do that.

Okay, well I suppose that is it for the time being, hope all is well with everyone! Hasta luego...I will see if I can manage to post some parasailing pics, as well! I've also promised some of you a dead fish and fireworks pictures. Oh yeah...4th of July here was a bit more festive than I expected. The American owned bar here, the Mariner, had a huge party and fireworks. Instead of coming here where we'd have to walk a long way home or have to pay for a taxi, Aarti and I went to Las Brisas, across the bay. It is pretty cool to watch fireworks with a beach involved and it was a really pretty night. Finally cooled's been over 100 most of the week. Anyway I got some neat pictures using the fireworks button on my camera....yeah, seriously. Okay, later everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hola Chica!!

Congratulations on making it through 4 weeks of Spanish!!!

Your adventures sound amainzg...its crazy what you can pack in to such limited time. Can't wait to see more pictures, and , i know you, you must have had someone on order to take photos of you parasailing.

Is the bonfire at Geckos on Brasilito? Hotel Brasilito attached to Geckos is a really nice hotel, although the one i stayed in Blue Eyes cabinas) up the road was really good too...don't know if that helps at all.

So you did the ol' public bus thing!! well done hunny, i'm very impressed...and the texans--definately taken over in flamingo..on ladies night there were more texans than ticos!!
so you managed to stay upright on your poorly ankle??

You'd be proud of me hunny, i've been introducing everyone to guaro, although my guaro souro's really aren't up to scratch yet and i've been teaching them the spanish toast (and the swedish one you gave me too!!). Hey i'm also playing poker next week!!!

Anyway, so glad you've enjoyed your trip and i hope you're feeling ok about being on the home stretch.

lots love


John Blanco said...

Like we said, please try to avoid the news reels!

John Blanco said...

For a good time, call 666-0995.

cellothug said...

Yes Rachel, of course I had the tico on board take pictures of me! Check back over the weekend for more photos.

And geez, John, thanks for your vote of confidence!