Monday, September 10, 2007

Nadda mas...

Not much is new. I've been sick for the last week. "Student A" got a hair trim, so his spider web is even spiffier, and red with blue tips (patriotic!). Also, my mom left for Tanzania, Africa on Saturday to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro! Not sure how that is spelled. So, I am dog-sitting my favorite dog, Lucy. The good: it's an excuse to leave work early, and get out and walk! The bad: she wants to walk, even when it's raining! But, she's a doll. And, watching her every now and then reminds me why I don't have a dog, though I love ' yard, not home enough. Oh, also, I am actually interested in baseball in September, so that's new, the Rox are holding their own! This is unusual. And, I decided to re-read all 6 Harry Potter books before diving into #7. I'm on the 4th one. That is all, I think!

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The Lindahl News said...

That's a LOT of news Linnea...being sick (boo, hiss), the dyed hair spiderweb, your Mom's trip, getting Lucy, liking baseball and reading the whole Potter Series. All in just about a week?

Rock it, girl!