Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!

Wow. That was the best game I have EVER been to. After Friday's devastating loss, there was only a slim, slim chance of us making the playoffs. Basically, the padres had to lose both of their remaining games, and we had to win both. It was pretty sad.

Well...go figure....WE DID IT! I was pretty disappointed, getting to Coors field to find San Diego winning 3-0. Because what we did didn't matter unless they lost. Well, everytime the score was shown for the san-diego-milwaukee game, the crowd went totally wild....milwaukee came back to win 11-4!! and the Rockies won in a great, 4-3 nailbiter! YAHOOOOOOOO! Even better, we are going to the tiebreaker game tomorrow for the wild card spot with the Padres-Thanks Chris! Yippee!


John Blanco said...

Don't you have a job or something? BAH! It's football season now. ;-)

cellothug said...

No, it's ROCK-tober! Who needs football?

Don't be bitter, just convert, already!

The game is at 5:37, so all us working-stiffs can go.

The Lindahl News said...

I still say: What about those Cubbies?????

cellothug said...

Sorry, Deb, this is from a Rockies blog, and it's true: "Anyone else feel gypped that the lowly Cubs who are only 84-76 clinched? It's the best argument yet against the current division system. The Cubs could potentially finish 7th place in the league and still make the playoffs. Do you really want the 7th place team representing your league in the World Series?"

Our record is STILL better, and if we were in your division, you'd be out!!