Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter Relaxation

One of the best combinations of things, no matter what the weather, is:
1. hot tub
2. a good book
3. a cup of coffee (or glass of wine/beer, depending on time of day)

My mom is on another trip, meaning house and dog sitting. Normally, I go up to her house on the weekends when she's gone, since I love being in the mountains. Then, during the week, to avoid an hour-plus commute, Lucy stays at my house. My favorite thing about mom's house is the hot tub!

The first night, it was snowing pretty hard. I had to shovel about 8 inches of snow off first! It may be the only time I've started a beer, and it was colder when I finished it than when I started! The next morning the sun was out so I brought out my book and coffee. Aaaaah...

Three snow-related notes:
1. I may have missed my window of opportunity for putting up outdoor lights. I usually just do some on the bushes in front, and a string of the "icicles" on my back porch. But it keeps snowing. Not a lot, but enough to make it a bad idea.
2. Dog sitting and walking is a lot more fun when it's warmer.
3. Brother Carl, employee at Crested Butte ski area in southern CO, has received 81 inches of snow in the last week. They have a forecast for another foot or two with the current storm! Yowza!

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The Lindahl News said...

That's a whole lotta snow!!! And, I guess I should be more thankful that you don't have to walk cats...