Sunday, August 04, 2013

My Classroom, "After"

A couple of weeks I posted pics of my classroom. Now it is pretty much set up. I'm still adding things to the walls but I like to use posters I create for a lesson, so those will come in time! Here are a few pictures of my room.

I had to bring just a little bit of Colorado with me!

Speaking of school, it started last week! I have 22 students. Here are their statistics. They're pretty cute, too, but I don't post student pictures. Guess you'll just have to come volunteer in my room and see for yourself. ;)

  • 13 boys, 9 girls
  • 18 born in Paraguay, 3 in the US, and 1 in Peru
  • 19 speak English as their 2nd language (their accents are so cute!)
  • 0 IEPs, 0 ILPs, and GT isn't a "thing" here or I'd have a bunch
  • Socially advantaged (which is to say, rich kids).
  • 88: approximate number of cheek-kisses exchanged on the first day of school. 22 students x 2 parents x 2 kisses per person. 
  • My team is 2 5th grade teachers, 2 aides, and 1 Spanish teacher. There are 3 adults in my room (or at least with their desks in my room) a lot of the day. 

They are "social." That's a nice way of saying they never stop talking. :) This group has a reputation for being extremely bright, and their MAP scores show that. They also are known for being "advanced" socially, which means they act about 14 sometimes and the girls can be clique-ish and boy crazy. I have a few boys who I know will be pills, but nothing like the behaviors I'm used to! I'm sure there are girls that have issues too, but you educators and parents know how it is. The boys, you know when they're being naughty. The girls are sneaky.

Did I mention I have 2.5-3 hours a day of planning time? I know, you hate me. But I actually have time to PLAN for the day and grade and stuff! The down side I guess (as if there really is one!) is that for 1.5 hours of that, the kids are still in my classroom, and the computer, which is hooked up to the SmartBoard, is not available. So I've been hauling my laptop back and forth a lot.

Anyway, 5 days down and 175 to go. :) I think it'll be a good year. I was a little worried after 3 days that they'd never pull it together but days 4 and 5 were a lot better. I'll whip them into shape yet!


Sandi M said...

I love your classroom! Looks so clean and organized and ready to go. The Colorado mountain pics are the best!
Enjoy hearing about your experiences. Your students sound very interesting and I know you will be an amazing teacher! Looking forward to reading more!

Linnea said...

Thanks, Sandi! (Of course it was clean, it was before they started, ha!)