Monday, July 09, 2007

Things I will miss, things I will not

I think this is a killing-time blog entry as I have a couple hours before my bus leaves, but had to check out of my hotel room already.

Things I'll miss about Peru/travelling:
  • Every meal being an adventure
  • Every time I go somewhere, it's new
  • Cusqueña beer and cheap Chilean wine
  • The cost of living here!
  • The colors
  • The people-locals and other travelers
  • the weirdness of looking around me and realizing, I've never even seen a single one of the plants, trees, or animals before in my life
  • fresh seafood

Things I won't miss:

  • poverty, and little little kids begging in the streets and selling things
  • every meal being an adventure
  • the water, unsafe to drink
  • roosters (so much for sleeping in)
  • instant coffee
  • getting lost
  • rice
  • stinky clothes, wearing the same pants for 7 straight days, washing said clothes in hotel sinks
  • unheated rooms
  • camping (at least for awhile)
  • standing out as an obvious tourist due to blonde hair and blue eyes

And finally, what I miss about home, and am looking forward to:

  • my bed
  • my washing machine
  • ice
  • good coffee
  • okay, okay, my friends and family

Okay, I have a long day and night of traveling to look forward (?) to.....hasta luego!

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