Sunday, July 08, 2007

Travel hell...

In a 24 hour period from Friday to Saturday afternoon, I took a train, a moto-taxi (motorcycle pulling a tiny 2-person cart behind it), a combi (small local bus), 4 separate taxis, (one had 8 or 9 people in it at one point), an airplane, and a double-decker bus.

Travel can be exhausting. Especially the travelling part!

Most of these rides were planned, as I had to get from Aguas Calientes, to Cusco, to Lima, to Pisco, SOMEHOW, but not all of them. You see, when I got off of the bus from Aguas Calientes, there was SUPPOSED to be a bus waiting for me, and a person with my name. There wasn't. I waited and waited, and talked to a couple from CA, and waited some more. Finally decided I'd have to get back on my own. That is where the moto taxi, combi, and taxi full of people came in. Because the train pretty much drops you off in the middle of nowhere. I was exhausted when I got to Cusco, only to find that my reservation at the hotel room had been cancelled by my travel agency, who were the ones that didn{t pick me up, and the hotel was full! Fortunately they have an extra room in the quarters of the owners that they let me sleep in. This is good because I had to get up at 430 the next morning for my flight to Lima, which was, of course, delayed, but only a little bit.

Then there were the taxi rides in Lima. This was the most dangerous part of my trip yet, and i crossed a straw bridge remember! The first driver was very nice and talkative, which Lima taxi drivers are known for. He drove me to the bus station. I saw accidents, bus drivers reading the newspaper while driving, and people selling all manner of things (the regular food and newspaper, but also dartboards?? in the intersections. So I buy my bus ticket and am told the bus doesn{t leave from that station, but another station, which I will have to take another taxi to! Now how much sense does that make?? This driver was not as nice. He got out of the car and yelled at another car driver that was in his way. But somehow I made it to the second bus station with lots of time to spare. The bus was pretty swanky and roomy-Carl would be jealous, I think he's always wanted to ride a double decker bus. Anyway fortuitously there was a guy from my hotel at the bus station, which was really good because I had no idea where the hotel was and if I'd have to take yet another taxi. Happily, I did not.

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