Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love that New Shoe feeling!

Under tragic circumstances, I had to go buy new shoes yesterday. Unfortunately, it seems that in the excitement of wearing my flip-flops for the first time in many months, I left my trusty tennies in Williams, Arizona. I clearly remember looking at them when I was getting ready to bring all my things out to my car, but I'm not sure what happened next. Did they stay in the hotel room? Perhaps get put on the roof of my car? Either way, they did not come home with me.

Now, I may not be your typical "girl" shoe shopper. 1. I buy most of my shoes at REI. Actually I can't remember the last pair of shoes I bought from somewhere else. 2. Although I spend a lot of money on my shoes, it is because I'm on my feet all day and it's worth it, not because they're designer duds.

Fortunately, I had not only a 20% off coupon, but also my rebate check from last year. So, here they are! Not much is more fun than sporting a new pair of shoes...and I LOVE the red!

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The Lindahl News said...

Love 'em! Nothing like a comfy, quality pair of shoes and RED to boot (shoe??).