Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whirlwind Week(s)

(This picture is the roof (ceiling?) inside the tea house. It was beautiful!)
If I had a bit more time, I could probably do at least 5 posts from the last week! I don't have the time. Here's the rundown!

  • Last weekend, Toni and I headed up to Sterling for the Logan County Fair. This entailed a parade (while the whole family ran amok with water guns!), a Karg-style feast, and then, of course, the actual fair. Wow, it was so small-town fair-ish! I don't think a thing there has changed in at least 50 years!
  • Monday I got together with friends Chris and Rene, and we went on Rene's first hike since her knee surgery at Mt. Galbraith. Getting home, Chris and I fixed my hot water heater, with some phone tech support from Toni! Then I went to fencing and realized my legs were *really* tired. That night, went up to my mom's to check in on things, and Chris and Rene joined me there too...they had just gotten back from 8 days in Mexico so I guess we missed each other. Perseod Meteor Showers viewed from the hot tub were very cool.
  • The next morning (Tuesday) we made a massive breakfast (my first pancakes without some sort of Bisquick mix!), then went down to Boulder Reservoir for an afternoon in the sun. Then, to the Boulder Tea House for dinner. What a cool place! (I almost went down to the car to get my camera, but my legs are TOAST....soon.) That night I visited Toni at his pool tournament.
  • Wednesday. I had to go to work. WORK?!? What is this?!??? Harrumph. Lots of boxes to unpack in my new little office area, which I'm sharing with the GT teacher. I'm getting excited about my new position and new principal. But still. I had to go to work. Today-more work. Lots of meetings. This is tiring me out. Last night I did manage fencing for 2 hours, but couldn't handle poker afterwards! I'm pooped! (I fell asleep after getting home today and woke up around 6:30, and had to figure out if I needed to get up and get ready for school!).
I do not anticipate doing any posting until next week...we're going out of town (Estes Park) for my birthday this weekend! Of course, this plan was made when it was 100 degrees in Denver and the mountains were nice and cool. Tomorrow's forecast? Let's just say it may go on record as "Coldest Birthday Ever!!"
Cloudy with scattered rain showers in the morning, and more widespread rain in the afternoon and evening. Snow will fall in the Front Range Mountains at and above the 10,500 foot level. There may be some snow in foothills communities like Evergreen and Estes Park but it will melt as it falls. Morning lows around Denver will be in the lower 50s, afternoon highs will be in the lower 60s. (9news)

Yipes! Time to bust out the cold-weather gear! I think our room has a fireplace. :)


The Lindahl News said...
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The Lindahl News said...


(Sorry about that first post deleted...I think I have forgetten how to spell with all the Scramble action going on at Facebook!)

I hope you haven't frozen off your year-older tootsies in Estes Park!

And good luck with a new school year beginning. I'm anxiously awaiting your future posts.

Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Belated Birthday! We hope you have had a great day (and it wasn`t tooooo cold)
Going back to work must have been hard especially after all these adventures you had this summer!
Good luck with your new school year!

Linnea said...

Thanks, guys! Andrew's right-Sunday was actually pretty nice, even if we got 4 inches of rain the previous 2 days! I had a great weekend and some fun pics, hope to get those on soon!