Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Do You Do....the R word?

Resolutions, that is!

Normally, I'm not a big resolution maker...or I make them but they are sort of vague and just in my head. This year I'm going for it though....

1. Go Green(er).
  • No water bottles (in the United States) I had to amend this, as if I travel abroad, which is a possibility, that is sometimes the ONLY way to get clean water. However, when I am in the U.S. I am resolving to cut down on waste and not buy bottled water, just using reusable bottles.
  • Fewer paper/plastic bags. I bought my cloth ones and I'm ready to use them! Now, I just have to remember to bring them to the store!

2. Stay on the exercise bandwagon

  • Fencing 2-3 times a week
  • Weights/walks/runs the majority of other days. But a day off here and there is okay, because everyone needs a break. I'm planning on limiting those "off days" to one a week.

3. Fence in one tournament (my first!) this year.

4. Continue learning Spanish-through Colorado Free University(which is not actually free, unfortunately!) and/or studying abroad.

Okay, now it's official!

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The Lindahl News said...

Good Luck with those! I think you can do it!

(And it was nice to see you're posting have been missed!)