Saturday, January 24, 2009

Swanky Digs (inside)

We stayed at the Sandos Resort, right on the Caribbean. It was beautiful, indoors and out. First, some pics of the swanky indoor areas.....


our (my and my brothers) room/suite

the in-room jacuzzi...where I spent some quality time the first night, when my brothers were out exploring

yep, Obama was all over tv down in Mexico too!


The Lindahl News said...

Swanky, yes!

How did it go sharing a suite with your brothers?
They looked pretty tired...jet lag?

Good luck being back in winter.

Linnea said...

Well, let's just say that by the end of the trip I was ready to sleep in a room by myself!! It was a LOT of time together for the guys I sometimes only see a few times a year!

I don't think they can blame jet lag as we were only an hour ahead. Maybe too much partying? :)