Friday, June 19, 2009

Guatemala City: day 1

Okay. I got to the airport WAAAAY to early, met up with "the gang" and had uneventful flights through Houston and into Guatemala City. I even got a window seat and daydreamed about sailing while I looked at the green waters, and then over the green, mountainous regions. Our drivers picked us up (HOORAY for group travel! least in this instance! More on that later..)

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant with live mariachi/marimba music and ate lots of appetizers, before going to our darling hostel, Casa San Jose. I roomed with Amy, who was a great match and I'm sure will remain a good friend. After we got settled, we headed down for a walk/orientation of Guatemala City with one of our trip leaders, Jonas (with and H sound, not like Jonas brothers!).

Here are some things we saw or that I observed....
  • There are no other white people in Guatemala City!
  • There is an obvious distinction between the dress of "ladinos" or descended from the Spaniards, and indigenous/Mayan people.
  • Reminders of the armed conflict/civil war (which lasted for over 40 years) are everywhere. There are columns with the names of those who were killed or "disappeared" engraved into them. Lots of history, lots of tragedy.
So far my pictures aren't uploading but I'll keep working on it!


The Lindahl News said...

Goodie! A word from the amazing traveler. Can't wait for the pics to come. Happy Travels!!

The Lindahl News said...

Fun to return here and see the pictures added. I especially like your floor pattern where you were staying.