Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Onward to Pana

I was so happy to get OUT of Guatemala City! The next stop was the touristy, but scenic, town of Panajachel, which is right on the shore of Lake Atitlan. The weather on this long day of travel was really rainy, and several people's suitcases got wet, but mine was okay. First, we stopped at a scenic overlook where we could reportedly see the outline of a famous Mayan's face, volcanoes, and Lake Atitlan:

After more long and windy roads, we reached Pana, and found our hostel and roommates...guess who I picked?

That evening we went out to dinner with some teachers who work in a school specifically designed for kids who have to work for at least part of the day to support their families. The next morning many of us got up at 6am to go for a walk before a visit to the school (minus kids. Although all of Guatemala has less cases of swine flu than Colorado, they closed all the schools down 2 weeks early as a precaution). We also had another long van ride ahead of us so it was good to get some exercise! It was a cloudy, but not rainy, morning. Good for picture taking.

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