Saturday, November 02, 2013

Encarnacion, Part 2

Here are some highlights of our second day in Encarnacion:
-Walking through the very un-touristy town of Bella Vista, including having lunch in a restaurant that definitely didn't see 8 gringos walk in every day!
-touring a Yerba Mate factory (they didn't let us take pictures)
-relaxing evening on the costanera (coast) of the Rio Parana, enjoying a giant drink and nice dinner!

Adorable coffee shop in Encarnacion. In true Paraguayan
fashion, there were 3 workers there but none of them
 knew how to make coffee. They had to call the guy who
did know, to drive there and make us some coffees!
Freaky cactus tree
"If we're closed, clap your hands"

Outside our cute hostel, they didn't have any green space, but I loved this recycled container garden!

World's Largest Guampa (that's the
cup you drink your terere from after you
pour it out of the thermos)
Giant drinks, with the beach in the background
Mark and I enjoy a drink together. (We were
together but just took pictures of each other)

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