Sunday, November 03, 2013

Spring Break Part 3: Posadas, Argentina!

We'd been looking at Posadas, Argentina from across the river for a few days, and we had a friend who'd gone there for Spring Break. On our 3rd day in town, we decided to cross the river and check it out!
Molly looks across the river at Posadas. (Photo by Ali)
We got on yet another bus and headed across the border. We had to jump out to get our passports stamped and get on the next bus. It took forever! The stamping was quick but there was terrible traffic. I guess there is a lot of back and forth from Paraguay to Argentina as certain things are cheaper in each country. Anyway we finally got there and checked out their costanera/boardwalk area. 

Looking back at Encarnacion from Posadas
We spent a nice day walking around and seeing some of the sights, and a delish lunch at the only restaurant not closed for siesta at 3pm. I had a basil daquiri, how about that?
Ali, Molly, Ceci, Mindy
Minday, Matt, Kristi, Mark

After that our group broke up. All the girls wanted to go shopping and the guys wanted to get some beer and sit on the coast. I decided to be one of the guys. Eventually our whole group met up because there was supposed to be a parade. But no parade ever came. Oh well...we know how to make the best of a situation like that!
So there we were, just enjoying the evening when this pink Disney-themed train for kids came up and parked. We got to thinking. This looks like a really ideal mode of transportation for us to go back up the costanera to find a restaurant for dinner or bar or whatever. Scenic? check. Room for 9? check. Mindy went and talked to the driver, and agreed to pay him a sum to not pick up any kids on our special route (I mean, we don't want to be a bad influence or anything. Enter....
The party train
(Photo by Ali: Our finest moment in Posadas)

These girls who were fundraising for something jumped on.
I'm not really sure what their story was but they were fun...

 Well all those shenanigans made us hungry so we found a restaurant that had tacos.

And took the last bus back to Paraguay. Which abandoned us at the border so we took a taxi to our hostel, and lived happily ever after. The end.

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