Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rio de Janeiro, Part 3: Scuba Diving in Arraial du Cabo, Brazil

I'll be honest with you. I took scuba diving as a P.E. credit in college, and I was totally weirded out by the whole "breathe through your mouth" thing. It all made me pretty claustrophobic. So much so, that when I decided to go on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands (probably some of the best diving in the world) I opted to see this world from the surface and only snorkelled.
We're laughing because after I got all strapped in, I tried to stand up.
That was harder than I expected!
Then we started planning this trip and Beau said one of the things he wanted to do most was dive-but they have a 2-person minimum to take you out. I hemmed and hawed and explained my slight phobia-and finally I decided to do it. 

The tour group we arranged it with had what they call a "discovery dive" for newbies like me. I've read a lot of terrible reviews about these. Many resorts, especially in Mexico, basically give a crash diving course and bring a big group of inexperienced people out to dive. Inevitably someone has a terrible experience. Luckily for me, this wasn't the case. First Beau, who's been diving since he was a kid, went out with the guide. Meanwhile, the other guide gave me a briefing, but afterwards said "You don't need to know any of what I told you, except to breathe. I'm going to take care of everything." Let me be honest, I was a little relieved by this news. Then he took me in, taking lots of time to make sure I was okay before going below the surface, and going down deeper just a little at a time. He literally HELD MY HAND almost the whole time! Beau's job was to follow us around and not get himself lost, plus use his GoPro to take pictures of course! Here are some of his pictures.

Me and my guide
Beau & I
Check it out-so cool!!!


In the end, I did not have a terrible time and I actually liked it! I'm really glad I went. Plus, I don't have too many pictures from above water but do you see that? The sun is shining! 

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