Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rio part 6: "Sunset Tour" AKA Booze Cruise

One of the nice things about Rio (and a huge change from Paraguay) is that it's a huge tourist destination. Now, on the downside, there are tons of tourists. But on the upside, it's really easy to attend events and outings without having to do all the planning on your own. Plus, some of the said tourists turn out to be awesome people who even speak English to boot!
This is Chrissy. She's awesome.
One of the events we found online and decided to attend was nicely called the "Sunset Boat Cruise." But I have been on this type of thing before-it's all about the drinking, who are they trying to kid? Anyway it was really fun. :) We met these nice people Chrissy and Rob early on in the week, and this was the 3rd time we made an excuse to hang out with them! I'm really glad they came because they have this weird scheme to get everyone drinking and partying. Ladies only can go to the top floor of the boat and have all they want free drinks for the first hour. They can't bring any drinks downstairs and the guys can't come upstairs. This is why it was much better that we were a group of 4. Otherwise Beau and I would have been on separate floors all awkward and not knowing anyone!
After the hour or so, we were allowed to mingle all together. :) There was a bar on the main floor of the boat too. Here we are all together: Dane, Chrissy, me, and Beau.

We enjoyed great views sailing out of the harbor. Here is the city and the Cristo statue on the right.

The sun started to set and the boat anchored. People started changing into swimsuits and jumping into the water! At this point, my camera battery died for the night. Just as well, right? ;) After some swimming, the sun went all the way down and the boat turned into a dance party...cue the DJ and disco ball! Party time. 

We stayed anchored for awhile, then slowly started making our way back to shore. We were having a grand old time and meeting new people. When we got to shore we were STARVING, since none of us had eated before setting out. (We meant to! But had a little trouble finding the boat, and didn't have any extra time to grab a bite beforehand. Anyway, once back on land we continued to hang out, finding a restaurant and checking out Chrissy and Dane's sweet sweet hotel they were staying in. I think I got back to the hotel at about 4 a.m.-enough for about 3 hours of sleep before the taxi to the airport arrived! 

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