Thursday, August 09, 2007


At the last minute, Toni decided to surprise his aunt for her 50th birthday, in Oregon. He and his sister left when he got done with work, about 3am on Friday. Since I had leadership training for school, I flew out that night and they picked me up in Portland....after about 3 hours of flight delays! I was supposed to arrive at 1010pm but by the time I got there it was about 1am. From the airport, we drove north to Long Beach in Washington state. Since it was about 430 am by that time, and there were no hotels open or with vacancies, we all caught a few hours of sleep in the car. That morning, we went to the beach (we Coloradans are always pretty excited about that). From there, we had a leisurely drive south. We stopped to see a lighthouse, and at another beach. We drove down the 101, which I've never been on before-stunning!

At about 6 that night we arrived at their aunt Karen's house. The party was going full swing when we walked into the back yard. When Karen was in view, Toni said, "hey, you call this a party?!" Her jaw dropped at the sight of her neice and nephew and she burst into tears! Talk about a bad time to leave my camera in the car. She was thrilled that they drove all the way from Colorado to come to her birthday, as she hadn't seen either of them in years. For the rest of the evening, we enjoyed BBQ, listened to music, Toni & Tonya caught up with their family, and I met a lot of new people! Later on, they built a big bonfire in the back yard-good thing-it was COLD! That night the three of us pitched the tent in the backyard and slept there.

The next day we all spent most of the day relaxing since the party had gone on so late! Toni's cousin's husband fixed everyone eggs and bacon and we ate outside, it was so nice! Later, we went into town so Toni could get some pizza he has been craving. Oh, "town" was tiny Mills City, Oregon, south of Salem. We also went to a state park and walked by the river. By the time we got back to the house we were ready for afternoon naps! We rested and spent some more time with Karen before heading out that evening. was time for the long drive home! Toni drove through Oregon and Idaho through the night, I drove for a bit, and then in Utah, we got a flat tire. It set us back an hour or so but luckily we weren't too far from civilization when it blew, so it didn't take too long to get replaced. About 20 hours after we left, we were oh so happy to be back in Colorado!

Most of the pictures are self explanatory....but here are my explanations for others. Why am I wearing a "Colorado" sweatshirt when I am from Colorado? I forgot one and bought it in the airport! the door is the entrance to Karen's garden, of course!


The Lindahl News said...

Your summer is reminding me a lot of one of my favorite Beach Boys songs: "I Get Around!" Holy cow, Linnea!

We have been to or near that beach in sure looked familiar. I love it there.

And that garden entrance door is the cat's meow...loved that!

cellothug said...

it has sure been a whirlwind! At this rate, I'll need a break from my break! i decided against going to Sterling with Toni this weekend so I could just spend time at HOME relaxing (although of course, things are already coming up....)