Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hairstyles of Room 20, update

Okay, you didn't think I'd want to post about the World Series at this point, did you???

I thought an update of hairstyles was in order, however. First, we have student #1 from a previous blog, with his mohawk dyed purple. Thursday was Rockies Spirit Day at school. The kids participated, even after getting whomped 13-1 the night before.

Now, we have a new style from another student. If only the parents spent as much time reading with their kids as they do on hair....but that's another issue.

And that's not all. My good friend Chris is a huge Red Sox fan (although he'll cheer for the Rockies any other time, as shown in previous posts). In the spirit of friendly competition, there have been all sorts of hi-jinx going on this week. First, there is the bet between Jim and Chris....if the Rockies win the series, Chris has to dye his hair purple, and if the Sox win, Jim will be a redhead for a day. Next (and most brilliantly, in my opinion) we (it was my idea) decided to "decorate" Chris's room after school on Wednesday. This is us, surveying our fine work. In retaliation, Chris changed the backgrounds of all the computer screens in the computer lab to the Red Sox logo. Finally, Jim (he's our dean and tech guy) went into Chris's room and messed with his computer. Every time Chris got an email for the rest of the day, his computer cheered, "Go Rockies!" Of course Jim emailed us and told us to email Chris early and often! Also, Jim took the word "and" out of Chris's dictionary, and replaced it with "Go Rockies" so every time he typed the word "and," it was automatically replaced!

I suppose some teaching might have occurred this week too. But what fun is THAT to post about?


John Blanco said...

If he dies his hair red, he might be considered cool again now.

The Lindahl News said...

Once again, you "stepped up to the plate" with a great post!

(Wish it was going better for those other guys who step up to the plate from your home state!)

cellothug said...

He is no fair-weather fan! He wrote me a note telling me not to be sad that there's "no mo world series", because he knows they will play next year.