Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week in Review (updated with pix & video)

You know life has been hectic if the Rockies made it into the World Series almost a week ago, I was at the game, and no posting has occurred yet!

Okay. Monday. Got into a minor fender-bender on the way downtown which really delayed things. Then my battery died, from having the hazards on. At that point, I figured my day had to get better, because it really couldn't get worse. It did (get better, that is). :) The Rockies beat the Diamondbacks, 6-4, and SWEPT the series (again; more broom pictures to be posted later) to win the National League Pennant and a pass to the World Series, for the first time ever!!!! It was very exciting, needless to say. After the game, they presented the NL pennant and had a little ceremony. The game was really long, it started at 8:18pm and at 10:00 it was only the 4th inning. The only reason this was important was because...I had to pick Toni up at the airport AFTER the game! So that happened at about 1am, then I drove him up to his house in Lafayette. Nothing like starting the week on 2 1/2 hours of sleep!

Tuesday. Hard day at work. Did I mention my class is really hard this year? Then after dragging my tired self home, I still had some conferences to prepare for. Oh yes. Conferences. (This is after at least 7-8 hours of preparation put into conferences over the weekend)

Wednesday and Thursday...I taught all day Wednesday and had conferences from 3:30-8:00 p.m. Thursday was conferences from 8am-8pm. Phew. I was more nervous about conferences than normal this year because I had a lot of bad news for a lot of parents.

Friday was much tougher, in a totally different way. My uncle Dennis died last week. His funeral was Friday. Mostly family members read this blog, and understand the emotions that were involved. If not, basically, I did not have a close relationship with him growing up, and have only seen him once since I was about 11, because he and my dad didn't get along (to put it simply). However, his oldest son, my cousin, is only 7 months younger than me, and we were really close growing up, and have recently started seeing each other again, after many years. He and his younger sister are way too young to lose a parent. There were also lots of other complicated family dynamics, but either way, it was a heartbreaking morning.

However, that evening was a really special time for the family. We all got together at my cousins house, where his wife prepared a traditional Hungarian meal for about 10 family members. It was an important time to talk to family members normally spread across the country, and it was a wonderful time to reconnect, laugh, and cry, although the circumstances that brought us together were so tragic. I hope my cousins saw what support they have within the family.

Pictures: top, cousin Andrew, his wife Timea, and cousin Jennifer. Middle: Aunt Diann, cousin Ryan, my dad, a former longtime girlfriend of Dennis's, whose name I can't for the life of me remember, my brother Peter, and me. Bottom: Andrew and Timi busted out some aged (1982!) sweet wine they brought home from Budapest (or somewhere) for a toast.

The rest of the weekend was more normal. I got to actually see my boyfriend for longer than the ride to the airport, and I played some poker. I tried to catch up on my sleep. We got our first snow. Now, tomorrow is Monday again. conclusion...the Rockies are in the World Series, which is pretty fantastic, but there have been a lot more important things going on these days.


The Lindahl News said...

So sorry you had a crummy, rotten, and just plain ol' bad week. Hopefully, this one wil be much much better.

Thanks for this update. To put it simply is almost impossible...I think it's all so surreal myself. But that's what you did. I would so like to meet Timea.

cellothug said...

I think we can both look forward to a better week! It has been surreal here, too.

I know that you will love Timi when you do meet her, she is wonderful. Andrew is lucky to have her help him through everything.

John Blanco said...

Dear Rockies, welcome back to planet Earth. Love, your fellow Earthling, John. :-)

cellothug said...

Hey, guess what? my team is IN the world series. Your guys are on vacation already. ;)

John Blanco said...

Hey, even a Rockies fan can identify with my comment. I didn't say nothin bad, they are just showing a gleam of mortality. It was beginning to spook me out. All my baseball experience was useless due to their laws-of-physics breaking run. :-)

cellothug said...

Well, now they have shown 2 gleams for mortality. Happy yet? ;) If they can't make some strides at's been fun.