Saturday, February 09, 2008

Changes afoot?

No, this one isn't about politics.

Yesterday, my principal offered me a new job. As she knows, I got my masters in teaching English as a second language, and I'm interested in a related job. She just found out that next year, the district will be adding an ESL program (consisting of 1 whole person) to my school. And she is interested in that person being me.

So, will I take it?

I'm thinking about it.

Cons: My first ESL job being just experienced people to go to (at least in the building) with questions. The unknown. Feeling like a first-year teacher again. Does my need for a change in scenery involve more than a different room in the same building?

Pros: I want, and need, to get out of the classroom for awhile. Now I won't have to go through the application process in another school or district. I already know everyone in the building. If I figure out what I'm doing, it could be kind of cool to set up the whole program.

Obviously, a lot to think about this weekend. I will be in leadership training Tuesday and Wednesday with the head of the district program, so I hope to talk to him about some of my concerns, and ask questions. I told my principal I'd let her know after that, so stay tuned!


The Lindahl News said...

I think you should GO FOR IT!!!

(Can you still send me pictures of haircuts, though? I'm ready for a current update.)

cellothug said...

hahaha, the mohawk/spiderman 'do is still in full force! Just brown, today, but in varying colors last week!