Thursday, February 14, 2008


The big news for the week is that I accepted the position I mentioned last week! I spent the last 2 days in an English Language Learners leadership conference for the district (which I started in June, before my position became available). This time, it was much more relevant, and I became more and more excited about my upcoming change. I also scrawled pages of questions I have for the director, a list of things to discuss with my principal, which I ultimately need to discuss with the whole staff. Wow! This is a lot to think about!

The hardest part of the day (well, other than getting to school in the snow after walking the dog in the snow) was getting to the principal to let her know before she heard through the grapevine! People all over the place were congratulating me before I even got a chance to tell her I'd take the job! Also, I was out the last 2 days and she was out at a meeting all morning. Finally, I found her after school and confirmed the good news. Hooray!

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The Lindahl News said...

Hooray is right! I'm excited for you about this new job you are taking on. Congrats!