Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My First Caucus

I have never caucused before. Since I wasn't sure about the rules, I didn't take any pictures (tempted though I was). Anyway, here's the rundown:

My caucus, and many others, were in a nearby middle school. There were a LOT of people there! We divided up into rooms based on our caucuses. When we got started a lady read all of the rules and we took a straw poll. 16 Clinton, 2 Undecided, and 32 Obama supporters-wow! I was surprised it wasn't closer. Then a few people stood up and spoke. 2 young females and 1 82-year old man all spoke very eloquently for why they are voting for Obama (doesn't take PAC money, strengths of health care plan, against the war from the beginning, and unites people). Then some of the Clinton supporters spoke about why they're voting for her (I'm obviously biased on this issue, but they seemed very angry. Things got a little heated for a few minutes.) Then, 1 undecided person chose Obama, and 1 stayed undecided and they did all the delegate math. I also volunteered to be an alternate delegate for some county and state stuff.

Then there was some other stuff to vote on, which I wasn't as prepared for. First, was for a state senator: Udall or some guy I've never heard of. I like Udall a lot, and it was just to get this other guy on the ballot, so I voted undecided on that. Then, a health care thing which we all voted yes, to get on the ballot. Then was the most confusing thing of all, which was to oppose an amendment that is against unions rights to strike, the "Right to Work" bill. Dang, the teachers unions always send a concise, 1 or 2 sentence summary of all these bills and their stance on them, why didn't I bring that? Well the best I could figure, voting yes (yes we oppose) was pro-union. I sure hope I was right because all those double negatives were confusing but I tried my best to explain.

Anyway, it was great fun, and now I'm chilling out at home watching the returns. Happy Super Tuesday! It looks like it'll be close....

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