Friday, July 11, 2008

Greetings from Canada, eh?

Okay, no one has said "eh" yet...but the national parks lady said "bonjour" to me so that was pretty special.

Got through border crossing just fine...they didn't even ASK me about carrots or firewood, though I'd gotten rid of both. Phew!

Today was another driving day but I can't complain. I've been following these Rocky Mountains through 3 states and 2 provinces and maybe 1400 miles? It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day! Admittedly, several of my pictures were taken while driving....but I kept my eyes on the road and deleted the ones that were totally off! :) I am at the cutest hostel here in Banff, too, I'll probably stay a few days. It also is only 4 beds (2 bunk beds) in my room instead of the 5 bunk beds + mattresses on the floor that I encountered in Nicaragua, so maybe that will facilitate better sleep!

First pic: Kootenay National Park which I drove through to get to Banff-I guess a big fire burned there a few years back, it was pretty impressive and strange to drive through. A totally devastated forest, with lush green ground and waterfalls going through, with these huge mountains towering all around. Beautiful and stark all at once.

Speaking of mountains, these Canadian Rockies are really something! Much more jagged and pointy and cliffy than in Colorado. I will probably relax around the hostel tonight and go exploring tomorrow. Where, or where, to start??

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