Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nicest People

Vancouver has the nicest people I have ever met.

That's a pretty strong statement, and I've been known to do a little traveling! Here's my evidence:
1. They do not try to run you down when you cross the street. You could jump in front of a moving car here and they'd apologize for not stopping soon enough (not that I've tried). Honestly, though, you can stand on the side alk and look at the street, as though you're thinking you might like to cross it sometime, and people will stop.
2. Monica and I were taking photos of each other at Stanley Park and a woman said, "let me take one of you together. I bet you've got loads of pictures of each other, but not many of you both!
3. We were consulting our map, making sure we were walking the right direction to return the bike and roller blades, and a man stopped and asked us if he could help offer directions.

Usually you have to flag people down to get them to take a picture or directions, and here they are just dying to help! Wow!

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Timi + Andrew said...

wow! I wish people everywhere would be as nice as in Vancouver! We follow your wonderful trip thru your blog daily and we must admit: we are jealous of all the fun you have there! Keep the pics coming:)