Monday, June 14, 2010

The Ferry

We had a 15.5 hour ferry ride from Patras, Greece to Bari, Italy. I was hoping it would be kind of like a cruise...but it really wasn't! It was kind of boring, but at least you can walk around, unlike in an airplane. Unfortunately, we are trying to save money for things more exciting than, well, sleep was a little hard to come by. One step up from sleeping on the deck, but below a cabin, is called "aircraft seats." You guessed it...kind of like being in an airplane-but with more leg-room. The plus was that it wasn't a full area so one could stretch out over many seats. The drawback is that is still pretty uncomfortable, plus they kept that room air-conditioned at about 55 degrees! We were at least treated to blankets and pillows by British Airways! Ah well, it got the job done!
My favorite part was sitting at the area on the left and watching the views of Greece and Greek Islands and bridges go by. Unfortunately, the sun set very shortly after we set sail, so I had to retreat inside!


The Lindahl News said...

I want to get to Greece someday.

Linnea said...

Do it! It's lovely. :)