Monday, June 07, 2010

Port of Patras

When I buy my sailboat, this is where it will live.
This is where I will eat when I get sick of eating in the boat.

I have been in Greece for 5 days and have yet to eat a single meal indoors. :)


Timi + Andrew said...

Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see this with Andrew one day (he wants to go to Italy and I want to see Greece because I already spent 2 weeks in Italy which was just fantastic by the way..)

Linnea said...

Well they are definitely easy to combine into one trip! Any "must sees" for Italy, Timi? (Also, let me know if either of you get facebook accounts-I have tons more pictures on facebook!) :)

Timi + Andrew said...

NO, we do not have Facebook accounts.. So we just have to check your blog or maybe you can send us a link to your FB pics?!
Oh, there is sooo much to see in Italy... I don`t know where are you headed (which city) but in Rome, you need to see the Forum Romanum (the very old Rome) and the Victor Emanuel memorial (big, white building like). They are incredible! And of course, the Fontana of Trevi (fountain) and try some Italian pizza! It is the very best for sure! I hope you get to see Venice as well, it is truly beautiful and breathtaking! Florence is also great, so much to see there too! Statue of David, Medici Library and so on... OH, I feel like I am 16 yrs old again!

The Lindahl News said...

Lovin' your travel adventures once again. The pictures are beautiful and you look like you are having a wonderful time!!!!