Monday, June 21, 2010

Florence (may contain nudity)

Florence is another Italian must-see-if for no other reason than Michelangelo's David lives here. But actually, there are many other reasons, and it was a shame to leave. Pictured are...a HUGE church (4th biggest in the world), the Duomo, which gets its striped look from green, white, and pink marble, a replica of David (where he originally stood until he was moved into the museum, where, of course, no pictures may be taken), and a couple of pictures from the oldest bridge in Europe. And, of course, more delicious Italian food!! Also pictured: some essential Italy Vacation Reading (I must be the only person on earth who hadn't already read this...but now I have!

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Timi + Andrew said...

Love your pictures, Linnea! And it all looks the same beautiful as it was 14 years ago -sigh!