Friday, June 27, 2008

Early morning

Generally speaking, it's not a good thing to be awakened before 6am to sirens...especially at my mom's house. I went outside, knowing that this time of year is wildfire season, and saw a lot of smoke (and 2 lost Jeffco Sheriff cars zooming by, and back, not realizing this is a dead end road). Turning on the news, the very nearby house fire was the top 6am news story, and as I type this, there are still at least 2 news helicopters circling overhead. Watching the news, it seems like they're getting it under control and have kept it from spreading to the trees, which would mean an almost certain evacuation. Yikes. Looks like it's about out now, and no one was home, but I don't think I'll be getting back to sleep any time soon!

Yes, photos to come (from camping too) as soon as I get home to my camera cord.

Thank goodness for the hard-working, mostly volunteer firefighters, both local and from nearby counties.

Update: drove by on my way down to town last night, looks like a house I babysat at twice a week for years during high school. Kids are grown but the mom still lives(lived) there....

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The Lindahl News said...

Fires...floods. Scary.