Sunday, June 15, 2008

Isla de Ometepe

Isla de Ometepe is the main reason I came to Nicaragua, and now, after a missed bus, taxi, another taxi, ferry, and missed bus but then caught later bus (the orange Bluebird school bus variety)....I am here! Phew!

The island is completely beautiful, and surprising at can just be walking along and then out of the rainforest comes this looming volcano! The northernmost, highest and most photogenic volcano, which is active, is Volcan Concepcion. The southern, dormant volcano is Maderas. I am in the "town" of Merida, towards Maderas, but basically in the middle. You should Google Earth Ometepe, I'm sure it would be pretty awesome.

I got here pretty late due to the missed first bus, but found the hostel without problems. Checked in and relaxed after a long day of travel. Then I splurged and got a single hotel room with a bathroom and everything! The big $18 a night instead of five (my number five key doesn't work!). Did some sink laundry and called it a night. It gets dark SO early here, 7:30 feels like about midnight. I finally got a good night's sleep too! Then chatted with 2 English girls and a guy from Florida who I met on the (2 1/2 hour) bus ride over. Then I decided to go for a walk/hike.

This is a lousy place to hike.

First, I had to walk a few miles to the trailhead, which was no big deal. The heat and humidity were a big deal. I was miserable enough that I finally turned around, eager to jump into my freesing shower (huh, that last letter of the alphabet key is broken too!). Took a nap in a hammock, had some enchiladas (which were actually tostadas, but very yummy). Now, at 4:40, the sun is getting ready to set, so hopefully I'll get some great shots from the dock!


cellothug said...

I haven't had good luck uploading photos lately, click the link on the right to check them out on facebook (should be on the left)

Anonymous said...

what link on the right 9that should be on the left)??

cellothug said...

on the right on my home page, there is a link to my facebook page. once you get there, there's a link on the LEFT for photos.