Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leaving the Island...

Hard to believe, but I only have about 48 hours left in Nicaragua. So, I´m slowly working my way back to civilization! Yesterday afternoon, that took the form of a 3 1/2 hour dusty bus ride back to Moyogalpa, the town on the island where the ferry is. I was really excited when someone actually got onto the bus with a live chicken. Spent last night here, today I´ll take the ferry back and then a bus back up to Granada. Hopefully I can get back to Laguna de Apoyo tomorrow, and then Thursday it´s back to the airport-time flies!

Last night at the hotel´s restaurant, I met a nice Belgian couple and we talked American politics. I wonder if the world´s view of the US will change when we have a new president? That sure would be nice...especially if it´s the president I´ll be voting for! Anyway, I did my part to convince them that not all Americans are idiots, not all of us voted for Bush, and even a whole lot of people that did regret it now. We´ll see....also a DEER walked right through the restaurant, out to the plaza/garden in the back. How weird is that? Is it a pet deer or a stray?

Apparently this heat that I keep complaining about is actually a bit unusual. It normally rains in the afternoons, cooling things off quite a bit. But, it´s only rained twice since I got here-the dayI was at the lake, and a couple of nights ago. Is it even possible to get used to this? The hotel´s little thermometer yesterday had 77% humidity on it yesterday!

Anyway I´ll try to do another post tomorrow, but probably won´t have too much to say or many new pictures since I´m going back where I´ve been. Hasta for now!

*update: back in Granada*

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