Friday, June 13, 2008


Hello All! Uploaded some photos, so be sure to scroll down!

Last night, unfortunately, I crashed early and woke up at midnight and was probably awake until 3am! No one snoring (and that´s saying something, with how many people are packed in my room!). Quiet, dark, just not tired.

Today I decided to explore Granada, because I´d hardly been outside my hostel, and it´s supposed to be one of the most picturesque cities in Central America. So I walked down to the main plaza, and then to the shore of Lake Nicaragua. Interesting fact:Granada was repeatedly sacked by pirates who took the Rio San Juan through Lake Nicaragua, so they had to keep rebuilding the churches. Also earthquakes are common here, causing more rebuilding. (Note the volcano in the background of one of the church shots) Although it´s the biggest lake in Central America, it wasn´t really impressive, because you couldn´t see much of it. It seemed more like the shore of an ocean. I don´t know who the statue is of.

Now, hallelujah, I have found an internet place with AIR CONDITIONING. Oh, did I mention it´s HOT here? And humid? Well it is! This A/C is heavenly.

The plan is to take it easy today, and then head out to Isla de Ometepe tomorrow, and spend the night there. I´m hoping to make it out to the Corn Islands, and meet up with some Canadian girls I met in my hostel there. I´m not sure what the internet connection will be like there, so don´t panic if you don´t hear from me for a few days!


The Lindahl News said...

Wonder what that shade of yellow/gold is called in the first two pictures...I really like it!

The staue by the water is lovely.

Travel on, and stay as cool as possible whenever possible.

John Blanco said...

Oh, I love that church. Sacked by pirates, you say?

cellothug said...

Yeah, the old black one is right on the lake. Supposedly it was rebuilt a bunch of times, but doesn´t look like it, does it?