Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back to Paraguay, Back to Work

The strange thing about the South American school schedule, at least for my school, is that we have our long 9-week break in the middle of the school year-so when we return to work it is to the same students. Then after our shorter break, 3 weeks in July, we have a whole new group.

In many ways it was nice-for now at least, I'm not sure how I'll feel in July! It takes the kids awhile to get back into the swing of things, just as it does for the teachers. But it's a lot easier to review your routines and procedures than it is to start totally from scratch when you don't even know the kids' names to begin with!

Mentally, some things were really nice about being back after 8 weeks away. Laundry, my kitchen and spices, having my own space and my own bed, and not living out of a backpack are all the little things I miss during travel. The main difficult thing was the oppressive heat. I've never lived (or even visited) somewhere this hot AND humid. I've been in Death Valley and Las Vegas during 117 degree heat and yes, it's hot. But that saying about the humidity is true. The first few weeks back were often over 100 degrees (luckily I missed the record-setting 108 degree stretch) and extremely humid. I do not recommend visiting Paraguay between December-February! Fortunately I live and work in a place with air conditioning. I really don't know how people get by without it here.

Anyway now that the second semester has started, I will be doing more short trips close to home. I hope there is a lot to see here in Paraguay too!

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