Thursday, February 06, 2014

Rafting and Rappeling Outside of Mendoza

The last organized tour deal I did was for a half day of rafting and a half day of hiking. It was so much fun! It was very close to the area of my first hike. We got bused (vanned?) from Mendoza to the "base" area in the mountains. Then we got all outfitted down to the sexy moon boots for rafting. Just like rafting in CO, they use old school buses to get you to the start point. Then they give you the unnerving "what to do if you fall out" speech (I hate that part). Luckily there was a guide that spoke English so I was with him, along with 2 Aussies, a couple of Australians, and I think an American guy. Here we are "before:"

There were enough rapids to make it a pretty exciting raft trip. Obviously, our guide (back) wasn't too worried, although we were paddling our little hearts out!

And the "after" shot!
Don't judge. I'd been rafting all morning
and then wearing a hat. Of COURSE my
hair is a disaster!
 After a fun morning of rafting, we had a break to have lunch, shower, and/or relax by the little pool at the base area. After that I had an afternoon of hiking and rappeling again. This rappeling was harder and scarier than the previous one, I think because you can't see the top or the bottom when you're doing it--and it's longer. And I wasn't so sure that the guy at the top was *really* holding the rope in case I lost my grip on it. This caused me to hold the rope in a death grip-especially in my left hand, which you aren't supposed to do.
Plus this outfit didn't give us gloves for rappeling, unlike the first place, so I got some really nasty blisters on my hands. Dang, that rope gets HOT! I did, however, survive, much to my relief.

I can't really say that I enjoyed rappeling. It is more  means to and end for me-the fastest way down and to a cold beer.

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